Sunday School for All Ages begins at 9a

Worship begins at 10a

Daily Activities

Daily Activities

Bo:Frances.JPGWe have a weekly and monthly theme and the children will be offered a broad range ofactivities. Our monthly theme is based on the Fruits of the Spirit and a Bible verse fitting with the spiritual theme. All rooms are divided into learning centers with the older roomsbeing more clearly defined with self initiated activities. After all the children have arrived, the class transitions into the more structured daily activities. 

There are oppportunities for small troup for one on one time with the teachers, followed by large group activities, outdoor/indoor play, and healthy snacks are all part of the morning activities done at the same time each day. 

This schedule is kept consistent so that even though a child cannot tell time, he or she soon learns what is coming next. Consistency in a child's day encourages his or her felling of security. 

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