Sunday School for All Ages begins at 9a

Worship begins at 10a

Who We Are

We at St. Paul exist to be:


All About the Gospel:

At St Paul Community Church, we are all about the Gospel. Everything we do, from children’s ministry, to worship, to outreach and giving is shaped by, fueled by and in response to all that God is and all that He’s done for us in his son, Jesus Christ. This is our foundation, inspiration and purpose.

As a Family:

Through Christ, God has brought each of us into His family and called us to love one another even as He has loved us. Family life has its ups and downs and can be both beautiful and messy. At St. Paul, we embrace this and are committed to grow together, serve together and, above all, to love and care for each other.

For the City:

While we exist as a family, we never want our focus to be mainly inward. We have been called to love our neighbors and to reach our community. As a church, our goal is to see Green Hills and the Greater Nashville area grow, thrive and prosper and come to a saving knowledge of Jesus as Lord and Savior!

To the World:

We take seriously Jesus’ command to “Go into all the world…” St Paul is committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the ethnic and cultural people groups both here in our backyard and around the world. Through our praying, giving and our going, we long to see the message of the Gospel proclaimed in every corner of the globe and the glory of God cover the earth like waters cover the sea.